About the Band

3 Left Standing started out as a one time show. Three veteran musicians who had never played together decided to play a show the drummer (Jeremy Truitt) had booked, but he had no band! After approaching Kerry Drew (former 285 frontman), and Kerry calling established bassist Russ Selby, and a couple rehearsals later, they went out and played the show… Who knew ?

After that performance the crowd and the band knew they had something special. A kind of musical experience that only comes around once and awhile.

Well…the boys decided to keep it together and make it a real deal!!

Three Left Standing is now on mission to bring back the way “Rock n’ Roll” was meant to be played! Three Musicians at the top of their game musically, and a dedication to their audience to make sure they enjoy every moment…every note!



Jeremy Truitt

Jeremy started playing drums at the age of 11. Moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to seek stardom and played on the Sunset Strip for three years. He up and moved to Atlanta in 1993. He was mainly in original bands in the 90′s and would tour up and down the east coast playing venues like the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta to the historical CBGB’S in New York. Modern Drummer magazine recognized Jeremy as an up and coming player and featured him in their December of 1999 issue. He joined the Derek St Holmes (Ted Nugent’s frontman) band in 1999. Derek would bring celebrity guests up from time to time like Jeff Carlise of 38 Special who would become a regular guest. Jeremy became more of a freelance/hired gun from 2001-2009. In 2010 Jeremy had a gig at Hemmingway’s to fulfill…he had no band…


rs1Russ Selby

Russ started playing music for a living straight out of high school Dec.1982 with his parents who were full time touring musicians. He spent 10 years on the road, playing drums on the hotel circuit with them. After that ,being a multi instrumentalist, Russ switched to bass and played mostly with a very popular local original band “Masque” around 1993. With them he played numerous venues throughout Georgia and opening for many of the top national acts. His eyes are hazel blue, he is 5ft 8′ and his sign is Cancer… lol!!


kd1Kerry Drew

Kerry began his professional music career at the age of 15, winning the audition at Six Flags over Georgia with his high school band. This band would later evolve into “285”, which was one of the top drawing touring acts in the southeast. Over this period he had the opportunity to play and open for top national acts such as Eddie Money, Taylor Dane, Deep Purple, Greg Allman, and many more. Kerry’s father was an accomplished professional jazz pianist who taught him how music plays such an important roll in peoples lives. It has been a life long dedication.

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